We are hoping to be open late June 2018.
We will be Hawaii’s only cat cafe. Come and have a delicious coffee while spending time with the adoptable cats from the Oahu SPCA.

The Oahu SPCA has been working on a project that we’re excited to share! Entrepreneur, Cindy Washburn has teamed up with us to create Hawaii’s first CAT CAFE! It will be purr-fect! Our cats will be in the cafe and ready for adoption on site. Check out the start-up video right meow and share to help us make this dream a reality!

Cat cafes have numerous benefits for both the cats and visitors but why should YOU be a part of the Hawaii Cat Cafe?
  • Shelter cats get to live in an open space instead of a kennel.
  • Hanging out with cats can reduce stress.
  • Cats have a space to really show their true personalities.
  • Increase adoption rates.

The cat cafe is a business model that has proven to thrive and be successful throughout the United States.